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Visitor Center Hardangervidda National Park is a state-authorized national park center dedicated to imparting knowledge and understanding of mountain ecology and protection.
We have customized offers for all school classes. 

Come and learn a little about Europe's largest high mountain plateau and Norway's by far the largest national park - Hardangervidda - and the rich nature and cultural heritage here. Our teaching is anchored in the school's curricula and the kindergarten's framework plan. Our nature advisor organizes desired school programs for all levels and curricula. Read more about what students can experience in a day at our visitor centre here.

For school classes that do not have the opportunity to visit us, we have a low-threshold offer where our nature advisor can travel to the school to have a teaching lesson with the school class or have a teaching lesson online. Read more about this here


We specialize in the topics:

  • National park and nature management
  • Sustainable development
  • Mountain ecology and biodiversity
  • Wild reindeer and mountain foxes
  • The mountains and climate change
  • Man and the wild reindeer
  • The heavy water operation
  • World Heritage Rjukan Notodden

Contact mariel@hardangervidda to hear about the nature guidance opportunities we offer!


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