The national line for environment and nature

Hardangervidda National Park Center, in collaboration with the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Center and Telemark University College, has arranged for a national line for environment and nature in Rjukan.

This is a science line that provides full study competence for all studies. Should you choose to continue in the environment and nature, you will receive additional points for further studies at a college or university.

Two days a week, you get tuition at the national park center, with additional subjects in areas such as ecology, nature management and climate.

Too much nature and outdoor activities are arranged in leisure time. The fact that there is a national line means that students from all over Norway can apply and have access.

A fully equipped modern nature laboratory at university level which is used by the national line and for our arrangements with visiting school classes / students.

The classroom is made available free of charge to visiting schools, colleges, and universities.

Our conference room that can accommodate up to 100 people.
In addition, we have a cinema hall that seats up to 55 people, which can also be used for teaching.

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