Modern interactive exhibition about nature and wild reindeer

Hardangervidda National Park Center opened on 14 August 2013, with an interactive exhibition about nature and wild reindeer in new premises of 600 m².

The exhibition has been very well received and has been awarded 3 international prizes.

The exhibition includes 22 interactive installations, all in Norwegian and English. We also offer a mini cinema with short films by Arne Nævra. As well as a separate French cave with original tools and objects made of wild reindeer bones more than 17,000 years ago in France.

The exhibition has 7 departments

  1. A first meeting - a sensory department where the experience of the wild reindeer is central.
  2. A professional department where the biology and ecology of wild reindeer are presented. Here we also find out where in the world there are wild reindeer and information about the various wild reindeer areas in Norway.
  3. A historical department about the origin of the wild reindeer, migrations, man and the reindeer.
  4. Mini cinema with short films about other wildlife in the national park.
  5. A red-lamp department which addresses various challenges and threats to today's wild reindeer, loss of land, disturbances, increasing traffic, etc.
  6. A department that includes management and research related to the wild reindeer on the plateau.
  7. An afterthought department where the audience themselves can participate in reflecting on the future of the wild reindeer and the Hardangervidda.

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Intranet library

In addition to the exhibition, Hardangervidda National Park Center has an intranet library about Hardangervidda National Park.

The center also has a fully equipped nature laboratory for students and school classes.

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