Hardangervidda National Park Center at Skinnarbu is a state-authorized national park center for Hardangervidda National Park, and is co-located with Norsk Villreinsenter Sør which is a partner.

Interactive exhibition

Hardangervidda National Park Center offers an interactive exhibition about nature and wild reindeer.

The exhibition has been very well received, and has been awarded 3 international prizes.


Hardangervidda National Park; information film.
In harmony with nature; portrait film about the war hero, the hunter and the outdoorsman Jens Anton Poulsson.
Storm and Peak; children's film about mountain foxes.
Fjellfolket; use of the plateau before and today. 

Daily operations


Peter CA Koeller


953 00 640


Nature guide

Mariel Victoria Holmen



Operations Manager

Steel Rue


97 07 43 00

Chairman of the Board

Sverre Skogen
Siv.øk og siv.ing, Business background, including former chairman of the board of the Norwegian oil company.

Deputy Chairman

Eivind Reiten
Politically and from the business community, including former CEO of Norsk Hydro.

Board members

Per Lykke
Nature and outdoorsman, lawyer and Conservative politician.
Project manager behind the center and the exhibition.

Gro Synnøve Bergsland
Teacher in Tinn municipality. Creative and artistic, including the author and responsible for Marispelet.

Hege Tverberg
Refugee consultant and local Labor politician

Lena Engell
Environmental therapist and sociologist

Kjetil M. Vågen
Engineer in Vinje municipality and local SP politician

Deputies in order of priority

Einar Bull
Former Norwegian ambassador to both Brussels and Rome, as well as former head of ESA.

Nina Frisak
Former Ministerial Councilor SMK, former Supreme Court judge

Steinar Kleivan

Per Pedersen

Gjermund Ingolfsland

Jane Leidal

Barbro Stordalen





  Here you can see information about the company's work on climate, environment and working environment - click on the link: https://rapportering.miljofyrtarn.no/stats/155775

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